You Say France Vocal Lessons

Woman Learning to SingSo how did You Say France learn how to sing so well? To have the amazing vocals and developed by the band they would have used very specific training to extend their range higher and with the help of internet vocal lessons they achieve the “sweet spot” for their voice type.

Vocals range is largely determined by the shape and size of your larynx. It is always possible to extend your range higher but you need the proper training.

Girl singing rock musicMusic groups often decide on the vocal range required for the style of music they will be singing. Soprano, Tenor, Alto, all require you to develop your voice for that specific style of singing and genre of music.

It can be tricky finding a good vocal trainer, and be careful when learning online from places like YouTube. The information people provide on how to sing is not always correct.  To get a voice like the You Say France group you can start practicing at home. Once you have started to develop your voice the next step is to get some lessons.

I’ve explored some different options for where to get training, I’ve tried a local voice teacher and I have also subscribed to websites with online sinning lessons like sixth wave. Some websites offer actual vocal training and a structured lesson plan to help you learn to develop your voice and vocal range.

Singing in-front of other people can be very difficult, even singing in-front of your instructor when your leaning can be very difficult for most people. I would personally recommend taking singing lessons in person with a music teacher in your area.

When I started taking vocal training I was getting most of my education online form places like YouTube and once I started working with a singing instructor I found out that most of the information I was getting on YouTube was not accurate. It’s important to get accurate information or you can damage your larynx. Your vocal coach will provide the most accurate information and it’s fun to work with someone who can train you to sing properly.